Summit Of The Americas: NEFAC Propaganda

Summit of the Americas: NEFAC propaganda
April 2001

[Here's the texts of the 4 pages tabloid NEFAC distributed in Quebe-city during the summit of the americas]

" Anarchists you only see them when you fear them "

Apparently it's because of us that a fence will be
built in the middle of the city, with 6500 cops around
it. We are anarchists from the North East. You will
understand that, in this context, we have one or two
things to tell you.

Even though we have not collectively decided on a
common tactical line (believe it or not, not all
anarchists are only dreaming of a black bloc), the
television and newspapers have been warning you
against us for months. Some, not knowing who we are
--we are masking up well-- and probably believing that
all anarchists must have crasy eyes and frothing
mouths, warned us against ourselves.

On the struggle against the Summit and FTAA

For us, the struggle against globalisation is
inseparable from the struggle against the economic
system that is the basis for it: capitalism. We are
radically against capitalism, and we oppose
globalisation because it worsens the situation. For
us, capitalist enterprises are private tyranny,
dictatorships, in which waged workers only have those
rights they have gained from hard struggles.
Capitalism creates an unbelievable wealth and it keeps
the economic ball rolling, that's true, but it's at
the price of an incredible concentration of said
wealth and an extreme exploitation of natural and
human resources. As capitalism has not eliminated
misery, (quite the contrary, it feeds it), and leads
us to our death because of the search for profit that
is done at the expense of any other consideration
(including ecological ones), we don't see any reason
to back this system.

At the same time, we don't believe states are victims
of globalisation. They are leading the way. The proof
is that the FTAA is not only a strong arm approach by
the bosses and corporations but a project that has
been prepared in the offices of foreign relations
ministries of the 34 members of the Organisation of
American States (OAS, the group organising this
summit). We go further that this: we say that the
state, which rests on authority and the power of
elites, is not part of the solution. There's no reason
to back a system of governement that systematically
goes against the interest of the vast majority of the
population and, what's more, takes the right to impose
on all the decisions of the rich and powerful. The
state is a cold monster. If democracy still means
something, it can only be built outside and against
the state.

We are for a radical struggle, one that goes to the
roots of the problems, and that is uncompromising. We
refuse the rules of the game and, so, refuse to trap
ourselves in the limits of the 'possible,' and small
reforms without concequences. We are not against every
reform per se, some are indeed good and can go against
the logic of the system, but we are against reformism.
We are revolutionnaries: if on the road we can get
some important concession from the powers that be,
fine, but you'll never see us beg for crumbs. Our
alternative is libertarian socialism, which is an
economy based on self management, the satisfaction of
the needs of the people and direct democracy. In the
face of the Summit of the Americas and FTAA, we adopt
an attitude of categorical opposition and

Let's unite in one big anarchist contingent on A21

Are we violent? No. In general we are not violent, and
beating up people at demos is not part of our
practice. While we don't plan on attacking people in
the street or setting Quebec City on fire, however, we
reserve for ourselves an absolute right to
selfdefense, and we refuse pacifism. We believe this
to be reasonable. If we are physically attacked, we
will respond in kind. The truly violent are those who
prepare for the summit by accumulating tear gas,
plastic bullets and pepper spray. Those who enact
laws and measures that will put hundreds of thousands
of poors in the street, those who let pharmaceutical
corporations make bilions on sickness causing the
death of millions of people, those who are
copyrighting life and creating dependance and hunger.
In a word, those who put their profits before our
lives. These are the ones we should fear, not the

If you share these few ideas, we invite you to march
with us Saturday under the red and black anarchist
banner. During the day of the 21st, our idea is not to
divide the movement nor provoke it, but rather that
all anarchist tendencies deploy and become as visible
as possible. Not visible for the mass-media that
always recuperates to their advantage that which
attacks the basis of the capitalist system, but
directly visible for folx out there in the street,
with us. However, our discourse will not be
compromised and we will not let reformist forces
recuperate our mobilisation in any way. We therefore
hope for a large and loud anarchist contingent in the
image of the diversity of our movement.

See you at noon
On the March