Anarchist Mobilization Against The WEF:

Anarchist Mobilization Against the WEF:
Revolutionary Anarchists: Unite Against the World Economic Forum!

Saturday, February 2nd, 2002, NYC
Assemble at Anti-Capitalist Convergence March
Look for NEFAC Banners/Red & Black Flags

"Before the spirit of revolt is sufficiently awakened in the masses to express itself in violent demonstrations in the streets or by rebellions and uprisings, it is through direct action that minorities succeed in awakening that feeling of independence and that spirit of audacity without which no revolution can come to a head."
- Peter Kropotkin, The Spirit of Revolt (1880)

The Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC) is calling for a united front of revolutionary anarchists to take to the streets of New York City on Saturday, February 2nd, as an organized bloc within the Anti-Capitalist Convergence mobilization. We invite all revolutionary anarchists to participate fully by bringing their banners, flags, presence, and messages to this march in order to make it as large and successful as possible.

We will demonstrate to the corporate and ruling elites of the World Economic Forum that we refuse to let their actions go unnoticed. We will hold them accountable for their greed, exploitation of working people, their disregard for the environment, and their plundering of the world’s resources. We are not interested in discussion or compromise. We are interested only in a complete eradication of global capitalism. A better future is possible!


Not only have the events of September 11th not changed the fact that we live in a racist class society, they have reinforced the ability of the US ruling class to further dominate, oppress, exploit and control not only those of us who live within the borders of the empire, but also those unfortunate enough to reside in countries that the US deems to be dangerous.

Additionally, following these tragic events, the Bush administration was quick to exploit the fear and blind patriotism of the American public in order to push through "fast track" authority to negotiate trade agreements (which will be used to accelerate the expansion of NAFTA to the rest of the Western Hemisphere through the FTAA, and to promote a new round of trade negotiations through the WTO). It was argued in Congress that if the president were to be denied this supreme authority, it would show a lack of support for his administration in a time of great crisis and thereby "send a terrible signal to the rest of the world". Needless to say, the bill passed. Who says that there are no direct parallels between globalization and the current "war on terrorism"?

In the last four months, the class contradictions that exist within the US have only become clearer, and thus, the reasons to take to the streets and resist those who benefit from this unjust and authoritarian system have become clearer. The transnational corporations and financial institutions that line their pockets with the blood and sweat of the oppressed and exploited of the world are all clearly identifiable, and, in yet another provocation towards those who have already suffered so much, some of the most heinous characters of these entities will be meeting from January 31-February 4, at New York City’s Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, under the banner of the World Economic Forum.


The World Economic Forum is an exclusive, invite-only organization composed of political leaders, trade ministers and corporate CEOs from around the world. Incorporated in 1971, the WEF acts as a ‘think tank’ and driving force behind the global economy. The WEF’s summits allow the richest and most powerful corporations in the world to mingle with trade representatives from nations, and with each other, to make business deals and determine the global political and economic policies. The economic and political elites who come together at the WEF are neither elected public officials nor concerned philanthropists looking to aid the poor and disadvantaged of the world. They are capitalist scum looking for new markets to exploit and faster ways to turn a profit, completely unaccountable to the public.


While a massive presence in the streets of New York City is important, we are very much aware that disruptive protest is only a start. Reform of the World Economic Forum is out of the question, and outright abolition is not enough. We are not petitioning for the capitalist ruling elites to grant us anything, nor are we vying for a place at their table. We do not seek a "civil society" where reforms are politely made through our negotiated submission and obedience to the system - We refuse to be complicit in our own oppression! There can be no mediators in the class struggle. We are in total opposition to everything that they stand for, and therefore we must undermine their system in every way possible, by any means necessary. We will defy their laws and take our struggle into our own hands.

As revolutionary anarchists, we must be involved in all the struggles of the working class that serve to undermine the power of the ruling class and further the development of a revolutionary dual power. The power of struggle from below provides the necessary seeds for the future anarcho-communist society. A society freed from the oppression of both class and state, markets and wage systems; a society where industry is owned and managed by the workers themselves and in the interests of society rather than profit. A society based on the principles of self-management, direct democracy, decentralization, freedom, mutual aid and socialism.

We are only now beginning to understand the power that we - the exploited, oppressed, and disinherited of the world - possess in our collective refusal of the misery of global capitalism. We are approaching a new dawn, where the ruling classes of the world will be forced to dance to the beat of our drum. We look forward to the revolutionary upheavals on the horizon that will bring a violent and abrupt end to the capitalist social order and open a path for an anarcho-communist future. We stand uncompromisingly for a new world. We will not fail. The future will be ours.

NorthEastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC).