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Irish Trade Unionists Call For Boycott Of War Work

Among those who have already signed are:
Mary Enright (President, Dublin Council of Trade Unions and INTO Dublin City
North branch),
Des Bonass (ATGWU 3/102 branch & Executive of DCTU),
Clare Daly (SIPTU, Dublin Airport branch committee),
Des Derwin (President, SIPTU Electronics & Engineering branch and member of
Dublin Regional Executive),
Denis Keane (President, CPSU),
Eddie Conlon (Executive member, TUI),
Pat Cahill (Vice-President ASTI),
Owen McCormack (NBRU and secretary of Bus Workers Action Group),
Michael O'Brien (Executive member, PSEU),
Anne Marie O'Connor (former member, PSEU Executive),
Mary Cahillane (Executive member, INTO),
Joe Moore (Secretary, CWU Cork and member of Cork Council of Trade Unions),
Brendan Archibold (national official, MANDATE),
Frank Keoghan (Executive member, TEEU),
Carmel Gates (President, NIPSA)

We know that this initiative in itself is not enough to bring about our
objective, but we feel that it would go some way towards creating the climate
in which workers in Shannon who may be thinking of doing something might feel
more able to do so.



Dear Colleagues,

The planes, weapons troops and material stopping over at Shannon are part of
the war effort which is killing innocent civilians in Iraq. We, as fellow
trade unionists, are asking you, the workers of Shannon, to make a stand
against this unjust, illegal and horrible war.

We realise, as trade unionists from both public and private sectors from all
over the country who have for many years fought for jobs and workers' rights,
and supported the Shannon stop over, that it is not easy for you to
contemplate action of this type. Yet we ask you to do so, to do one of the
biggest acts in Ireland against this war so far by withdrawing your labour
from US military planes and troops using the Airport. We are convinced that
this will not lead to the closure of Shannon but to greater respect for the
workers there.

Please meet in your Branches and Sections to discuss what you can do. We ask
you to refuse to refuel or offer any service to the war machine. But any
significant action - a half-day boycott to begin with - would greatly add to
the movement against the war. A war opposed by most Irish people. Even action
by a small number of you could be enough to start the ball rolling.

Should any attempt be made to discipline or victimise you for any action you
might take, we pledge to defend you and to campaign in our unions for your
defence. We also call on the Irish Congress of Trade Unions to state that it
will defend and support any workers at Shannon who will not co-operate with
servicing the war machine.

Yours sincerely,


all signatures in a personal capacity


To get petition sheets to bring into work and/or give to friends who are trade
union members, send your postal address to tucaw@eircom.net