Three women and two men were arrested at an
anti-war demo in Cleveland, Ohio, around
5:30pm, Fri., March 28, 2003.

It was reported that two people were charged with
felonious assault on a police officer and
three people were charged with
various misdemeanors.

There is videotape of the two felony arrests.

According to people who have seen the videotape,
it reveals that the march was attacked. A demonstrator
who saw the videotape stated that: "the police
had the audacity to say that was an assault."

Another person who saw the videotape said
that what was done to the demonstrators was

The people who were charged with felonious assault
will not be getting out until Mon., March 31, 2003,
and will need a lot of help financially and legally.


Please call 216.491.4513 for more info or
send checks made out to "cash"
to the following address:

PO Box 27376
Cleveland, Ohio 44105

The earliest the two felonies will get out is Mon.,
March 31, 2003.

Please go to the precincts where the activists
are being held or call there so that they know they
are being supported for protesting the war.

The women are being held at the first district:
W. 130--a couple blocks up from Lorain
(near 71 exit)

As far as we know, the men are being held in
the city jail justice center.