International Anarchist Solidarity Statement For Protests Against European Summit In Nice, France

Against the Europe of Capitalism and Xenophobia!
International Solidarity!

December 2000

The summit of the European Union in Nice (France) is similar to all the previous steps in the building of this institution. It was, is and continues to be an institution designed to protect and help capitalism and the dominating classes. Today in Nice, the European Union must vote on a "Charter of fundamental rights" which is a real backward step for civilization. The rights which we obtained through decades of struggles will be simply suppressed in order to give satisfaction to employers, increase their profits and reinforce the exploitation of workers. It will align all European social laws on the basis of the worst ones.

Unfortunately this new capitalist attack does not only involve Europe. It supports and legitimatises all the similar attacks over the world, already carried out or to be carried out. Europe fully partakes in the plundering of poor countries, through debt and economical and environmental looting. Therefore this worsening of the European capitalists policy will also affect these countries.

Fortress Europe is also guilty of a new kind of slavery with the exploitation of so-called "illegal" migrants. They are forced to migrate because of the plunder of their countries. They are deprived of rights so that they become a flexible and completely exploitable labour power for the European employers who can throw away these workers after having squeezed them dry.

We anarchist activists from Europe and all over the world struggle daily for a society that is completely different to the one enjoined by the European Union or the other capitalist institutions. In Seattle we fought the WTO, In Prague we opposed the IMF and the World Bank and in Montreal we demonstrated against the G20.

We want a society based on equality, a classless society in which everyone contributes to the overall wealth according to their abilities and from which everyone receives according to their needs. We want a free society that is really democratic, in which production is self-managed by workers, in which everyone can move and settle where they want with respect to their political, social and economical rights. We want a society in which we all stand together, without borders.

For freedom, for equality, in order to all stand together, a revolution needs to be made!

Al Badil al Taharouri (Lebanon), Alternative libertaire (France), B