STRIKE! The most powerful weapon we have as workers is our ability to withdraw our labour from our boss and the capitalist system. We call on all workers to organize anti-war strikes, slowdowns, work-to-rules and other disruptions in our workplaces. For a worldwide strike against the war!

CALL IN SICK! If work doesn't already make you sick, the war will: call in sick to work. This is not only a handy way to get "time off" to attend anti-war demonstrations and direct actions, but it is actually a significant form of class struggle resistance itself. Friday, March 21, 2003, is a day for an international anti-war "sick-in". More info: http://nefac.net

SABOTAGE! Ever notice how the entire assembly line stops, workers relax, and the bosses panic when a work machine "mysteriously" breaks down? Throw a wrench in the gears of the bosses work machine to protest their war machine.

MUTINY! We call on all enlisted members of the armed forces to resist by declaring yourself a conscientious objector, deserting, refusing to fight, engaging in sabotage, fragging officers, and mutinying. Turn your guns around and fight the rich, not their wars.

...and protest. We think that class struggle activity like that outlined above is the most effective way workers can resist the war, but it is also important to participate in mass protests and direct actions against the war.

Thursday, March 20:
4:30pm, Bloor & Yonge intersection (student and youth contingent)
5 PM at US Consulate, University Ave north of Queen. March to the British Embassy.

Saturday, March 22:
1 PM, US Consulate, University Ave. north of Queen St.
3 PM (new time!), 519 Church St. community centre. Stop The Work / War Machine! A public fourm hosted by (No War But The) Class War Toronto. Featuring PJ Lilly (Class War Toronto), A speaker from Internationalist Notes (Montreal), and Stefanie Gude (Ontario Coaltion Against Poverty).

(No War But The) Class War Toronto is a group of people of various anti-authoritarian political perspectives who have come together on a class basis to express opposition to capitalist war, as well as capitalist peace. You can contact us at: