DC: When The War Starts, America Stops!

Creative and Direct Actions for the Day After a War on Iraq Starts

WHEN & WHERE: Meet the day after the war starts...

* On bike--7:30 am at Dupont Circle for a Critical Mass "Race Against War"

* On foot--7:00 am at the Eastern Market metro station for a "March of Resistance"

The millions around the world who've taken to the streets in unprecedented numbers, walked out of their schools and universities, organized sit-ins and teach ins, blocked roads, tunnels, bridges, trains, and waterways in opposition to a war on Iraq have dealt a major blow to US and British war plans. Had it not been for this global antiwar movement, bombs would surely be raining down on Iraq by now.

Yet despite this massive opposition, Bush and company seem to be dead set on waging another bloody war on Iraq. Just as they are proceeding in their plans for war, we must continue organizing against it. In addition to the numerous demonstrations and actions being organized almost spontaneously, we want to make sure that if a war is launched there is something that gives a voice and an outlet to the rage that people will surely feel as American bombs rain down on innocent Iraqis. Just as their bombs and hi-tech weaponry will wreak havoc on Iraqi society, actions must be organized here in the capital of Capital that disrupt the US's war machinery and send a clear message to the warmakers that when mass slaughter is on the agenda, the only appropriate response is to raise the economic, political, and social costs of waging war.

To create an atmosphere where resistance to the war can be seen and felt throughout the city, we ask that people not go to school or work the day after the war starts (organize a walkout, sickout, or workstoppage) and join us at 7am at Eastern Market metro for a "March of Resistance" or at 7:30am at Dupont Circle for a Critical Mass "Race Against War".

In addition to the direct actions, there will be a creative action at Eastern Market for those not wanting to risk arrest. This will consist of a mass street theater re-enactment of the war and its lethal impact on Iraq and the Middle East. We ask that you bring any banners, signs, and props that would be appropriate for such a "performance", especially large photos of ordinary Iraqis, some of which will be available for downloading from our website, www.actagainstwar.org/dc.

We can stop this war before it starts. But if it starts, we need to be prepared to stop the warmakers.

Bush is Taking the Shirts Off Our Backs to Pay for this War Coalition