Pre-Emptive Attack: Arson Attack At San Jose Recruitment Center

Pre-Emptive Attack: Arson Attack At San Jose Recruiting Office

On Monday, October 14, federal investigators were at a San Jose military recruiting office searching for clues in an arson and vandalism attack.

Police say someone set two military vehicles on fire just after 4am at the facility on McKee Road and Jackson Avenue. They also found smashed windows and anti-government graffiti on Navy and Air Force offices.

The graffiti said, "Pre-emptive Attack." Authorities think that it might refer to President Bush's policy of going after terrorists before they have a chance to attack the United States. Authorities think the same people are responsible for both the vandalism and the arson.

The FBI and the AFT were cooperating with the San Jose police.


FBI Predicts Potential Future Attacks Similar to Vandalism at San Jose Military Recruiting Office Source

The FBI has officially opening a domestic terrorism investigation into Monday's arson and vandalism at a military recruiting office in San Jose.

Jim Taylor in the KCBS Santa Clara County Bureau says FBI investigators believe there could be more, similar attacks in the future.

Investigators say they reached their conclusions, based in part on the degree of destruction and the spray-painted message on the wall of recruitment offices.

On Monday morning, vandals set fire to army-owned vehicles, broke glass, and scrawled a political message in red on the side of the building.

"For somebody to do this, to me, they're attacking the wrong people, because we're not really a part of the decision making process. We just follow orders," said one recruiter.

"I'm really surprised and tired of the violence," said one neighbor. "I realize we're probably headed back to the 60's. I went through that once. I don't know that I'm so anxious to go through it again."

A caller claiming responsibility called the attack a pre-emptive strike. The FBI says it's an anti-government attack.