Europeans Workers To Strike Against War

Europeans Workers To Strike Against War
Irish, Germans, Italians to Walk Out

Italian workers urged to strike against Iraq war.

ROME --Italian trade unions have called on their members to stage short strikes this week in a show of opposition to U.S-led war on Iraq.

On Tuesday, Italian port workers will go on strike for the last hour of their shifts to protest against the United States using their work places to ship war equipment out to the Gulf. We're striking against the Italian ports being involved in the preparation for a military operation in Iraq," the three top shipping unions said in a joint statement on Monday.

In the past month the United States has been moving military vehicles from bases around Venice to Camp Darby, its key installation near the western port of Livorno.The equipment is expected to take to the seas in the next few days.

Self-styled Italian"peace rebels" have already squattedon train tracks and staged sit-ins at stations to hold up the convoys they dubbed "trains of death."

And this week it is not just shipping workers across the boot-shaped country who will down tools in the name of peace. Italy's three leading unions, who brought the country to a stand still with two strikes last year, have urged all their members to stop working for 15 minutes on March 14. "We, along with our European counterparts, want a 15-minute stoppage to remind governments to commit themselves to peace and to avoiding the strong and dangerous risk of a new war in the Gulf," they said.

Polls show 70 percent of Italians oppose war, even if sanctioned by the United Nations. Last month more than a million people took to the streets of Rome to voice their opposition to war plans.

[Associated Press, March 10, 2003]


German Union Urges Members to Down Tools Friday in Iraq Protest

BERLIN --Germany's largest industrial union is urging its 2.6 million members to stop work for 10 minutes Friday in a protest against the looming war in Iraq. IG Metall's action is part of a wider effort by European labor unions to bring work to a standstill Friday at 11.50 a.m. (1050 GMT), its leader, Klaus Zwickel,said Tuesday."I still hope that efforts by the unions and their members will contribute to securing peace,"Zwickel said. "International law must be strengthened. The right of might must not prevail." Polls have shown that an overwhelming majority of Germans opposes military action.

[Associated Press, March 11, 2003]


Anti-War Group Calls Work Stoppage

DUBLIN -- The Irish Anti-War Movement has called on people throughout Ireland to stop work for 10 minutes at midday on the day after the United States and Britain declare war on Iraq.

The movement has also called for Irish people to organise protests in every main town and city at 6pm the day after the war begins to show their opposition to the attack.

A large protest has been arranged outside the US Embassy in Dublin for the day the war begins.

[Irish Examiner, March 11, 2003]