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February 2003, Barricada: Defining Antifascism

Barricada, February 2003

Table of contents:

Regarding the interview with a Russian anarchist.

-Venezuela: request for help in creating an anarchist library.
-5,000 anarchists protest war in La Spieza Italy
-Anarchists attacked by Nazis in Russia
-Anarcho-Communist collective forms in Costa Rica
-Boston Angry Tenants Union
-Pittsburgh anti-war conference
-Boston Anarchists agitation in Solidarity with janitors
-Anti-war mobilizations in Canada
-3,000 Vermonters rally against war in Montpelier
-International day of anti-war protest

-Confronting fascism in York...again.
-White supremacist matt hale arrested in Chicago
-Revolutionary anti-fascism and ARA
-An evaluation of the antifa bloc in Lewiston
-Revolutionary anti-fascism: some strategic questions

-EU-Copenhagen report
-Polish anarchists arrested for protesting war
-INS Registration

-Voltarine de Cleyre

-Feburary 15th: An anarchist call for global action against capitalism and war.
-EU summit in Greece June 2003
-Boston, take to the streets
-Eastern Europe: international anarchist meeting

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