Our comrades of the CNT have just contacted us about the actions of a shark from our own country.

Briefly, M. Marc DeSerres, the owner of Omer DeSerres has acquired a French company, Artacréa SA, to get a foot in the door in the old country. But the gentleman announced on last July 2 to members of the Enterprise Committee that he isn’t depositing a single cent of cash into the company accounts. Specifically, as summer is the slack time, it means the dismissal of approximately 180 employees (not counting the spillover effects on suppliers).

The CNT demands that Mr. DeSerres pay to each employee who was dismissed compensation for material and moral damages. It also asks us to disseminate information in Canada.

For more information, download the english version of the leaflet the CNT is distributing in Paris.

[Translation of the short article thanks to Molly at Mollymew. Leaflet translated by the CNT.]