Anarchy A to Z, "R" as in Revolution

Our political project, full equality and freedom for all in every sphere of life, is impossible to achieve in the social and political framework that we know.

First, certain people profit from institutionalized injustice and they will not freely give up their privileges. Then, the internal logic of systems of oppression and exploitation -capitalism, state, patriarchy- render any indepth reform impossible.

A capitalism which no longer exploits workers to accumulate capital, is no longueur capitalism. A State which no longer holds a monopoly on violence and that is no longer a separate authority to which society must submit, is no longer the State. A patriarchy which no longer prioritizes one gender over another and no longer exploits women, is no longer patriarchy. One can certainly make gains and snatch victories that make the world a little more bearable, but we can not eradicate injustice in depth without changing society. Full emancipation requires nothing less than a revolution.

It is generally understood that a revolution is a sudden and radical change in the social and political order. Historically, and even today, most revolutions were first political revolutions and were more or less limited to changes at the state level. As the change proposed by anarchists
goes much further, we speak of social revolution.

We do not believe in the "day after the Grand Soir" and we are aware that social change is a long process which is rooted in the day to day struggles, here and now. That said, this does not exhaust the question of the revolution wich is a possible outcome of social struggles. Revolution is when the balance of power switches to the camp of the people and allows the overthrow of the old structures of domination and their replacement by gerneralized self management.

There is a gap between the current situation and a revolutionary situation. A gap so great that many believe that a revolution is impossible. Obviously, it is not on the agenda in the immediate future and it does not seem ready to become so in the foreseeable future. That is not the issue.

The challenge is how to increase our relative strengths and to bridge the gap between the present and a revolutionary situation. For our part, we propose a strategy of radicalization of struggles and the creation of counter-powers. It is encouraging the development of consciousness and the autonomy of social movements. Building the power to possibly go on the offensive. Developing self-management and direct democracy in the struggles. Promoting social alternatives without creating illusions.

Revolution is a strategic option, it is our political horizon. It is neither an act of pure will, nor an incantory formula. It is a political perspective. Nobody controls the social climate. Often in the past, when the situation seemed hopelessly blocked, the times have accelerated and the revolution has arisen where nobody expected it. If it reoccurs, will we ready ?

Excerpt from number 19 of the journal Common Cause

Translation thanks to Molly's Blog in the course of a debate on "REVOLUTION, REFORMISM, GRADUALISM".