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Millions Protest Bush's War!

Northeast, USA - On February 15th demonstrations were held against Bush's proposed war with Iraq in more then 600 cities across the world. 150 of these demonstrations were held within the United States, despite the Bush administration's dubious upgrading of the national terrorist alert to "code orange". The largest US protest occurred in NYC where between 500,000 to 1,000,000** people took to the streets to oppose the war. In New York, people from all walks of life, including 1000s of Trade Unionists and Veterans, joined together in common cause in what turned out to be one of the largest demonstrations in US history. Large protests were also held in Seattle (60,000), Los Angeles (75-100,000), Philadelphia (10,000), Minneapolis (10,000), and Chicago (6000), to name but a few. On the following day, February 16th, more than 200,000 demonstrated in San Francisco.

Many of these protests were marked by violent clashes between police and protesters. In NYC, police attempted to prevent tens-of-thousands of people from reaching the main protest site (several blocks from the UN). Law enforcement set up barricades across a number of streets and avenues in order to control the movement of people. In the process, 311 arrests were made, while an untold number of people, including the elderly and children, suffered injuries due to billy clubs, chemical agents, and being trampled by charging police horses. A number of police were also injured; some requiring medical attention. Similar confrontations occurred in LA, San Francisco, Colorado Springs, as well as in other US cities.

Here in the Green Mountains an estimated 400 Vermonters gathered in Burlington where anti-war speakers included Anthony Polina of the Progressive Party. An additional 1200 also demonstrated at the State House in Montpelier. A large number of Vermonters, including Bread and Puppet, persons from the Vermont Workers Center, the American Friends Service Committee, and the Green Mountain Anarchist Collective, attended the demonstration in New York City.

In other parts of the World:

Huge demonstrations occurred on every continent. In Europe, 1,500,000 marched in London, putting serious pressure on Prime Minister Tony Blair's Labor Party to back down from its commitment to take part in the planned invasion. This was the largest protest in the long history of that city. Likewise, several million protested across Spain; with the largest concentrations occurring in Madrid (2,000,0000), and Barcelona (1,000,000). In Italy, who's conservative ruling coalition also officially supports the war, more than 2,500,000 took to the streets of Rome in opposition to "blood for oil."

In Paris, 800,000 marched in support of the French government's opposition to the war. Likewise, in Berlin, Germany, 500,000 demonstrated.

Massive anti-war demonstrations were also held in Montreal, Australia, Mexico City, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, India, Johannesburg South Africa, the Middle East, and Athens, Grease, where protesters battled police for hours with Molotov Cocktails, as well as in countless other cities.

All told, an estimated 11,000,000+ people, on every continent, demonstrated their opposition to the proposed war. History will remember February 15th, 2003, as the largest global demonstration against war, and the interest of the wealthy elite, humankind has thus far seen.

*All included numbers derive from the Independent Media Center () and eye witness accounts unless otherwise noted.

**A figure reported on a live broadcast from the radio show Democracy Now