"Cause Commune"

Presentation of the NEFAC newspaper

Launched in March 2004, this newspaper is now four years old. It is a free paper, written in French, with a distribution of 4,000 copies over ten cities in the province, and is unique in the history the Québécois anarchist press.

"Cause Commune" is a libertarian voice in the social struggles and in our neighbourhoods. A cross between a leaflet and a more elaborate publication, it is a flexible, inexpensive tool, suited to today's needs. It allows well-established collectives and isolated militants to carry out the task of providing information and increasing awareness of issues on a large scale.

"Cause Commune" seeks to be an accessible revolutionary newspaper. We include regular columns, like "On the lines" or "Anarchy from A to Z", and treat a wide range of subjects in a brief and easily-understandable way. Articles avoid militant jargon and pure and hard propaganda as much as possible. The idea is to be able to distribute it equally at Quebec University or at a demo organized by FRAPRU (a Quebecois tenants' union).

How it works

The broad outline of the contents of each issue is worked out at provincial meetings of NEFAC members. Everyone can propose an article or a subject. An editorial committee is elected to select, edit and publish the articles, even to produce some if need be, and to put the newspaper together.

Distribution is coordinated by another committee which is in contact with the people who distribute the newspaper in the various areas. NEFAC collectives distribute most copies in person (at demos, conferences, etc.) or by leaving them in many public places (such as cafés, bookshops, libraries, laundromats, etc). The remaining copies, several hundred, are distributed by various people who find the newspaper interesting enough to distribute in their city. And you too can give a hand! If you're interested, write to us, putting "Distribution of Cause Commune" in the subject.

And how does NEFAC finance all this? No, don't worry - there's no secret funding! It is the members of the organization who pay for most of the expenses, a little over $500 per issue, through their membership dues (of between 1% and 2% of their wages). The remainder comes from voluntary contributions and fundraising activities.

Moving forward

Last year, the newspaper's print run was increased and for the first time six issues were published. We have further plans for "Cause Commune", projects which will require the support of our readers. Increasing the print run and the frequency of the newspaper, the number of pages, who knows? We can talk about it later on... For now, 18 issues and 57,000 copies later, "NEFAC's little newspaper" continues on its merry way.

Article from "Cause Commune", No.18. Translation by FdCA-International Relations Office