It has now been over 8 months now since the people of Six Nations repossessed a tract of land that was stolen from the Haudonausaunee by the Canadian government and sold to developers. They have endured media slander, racist settler violence, police brutality, constant surveillance and one OPP raid. Since the reclamation began, at least 23 people have
had charges laid against them. Out of these 23 people, 3 are now in prison:

Trevor Miller, from Six Nations Ron Gibson, from Akwasasne, and one young offender from Six Nations who is currently in juvenile detention.

Support for Six Nations Land Reclamation political prisoners is urgently needed. Please read the article below which appeared in the weekly Tekawennake, a Six Nations local newspaper, last Wednesday, October 11th. Further information on the events of June 9th is also copied below.

Please write letters of support to Trevor Miller, who has been inside since August 9th, and has yet to be given a trial date. Show him your support for the fact that he is an indigenous warrior who now sits in jail for
having defended his land and people.

Furthermore, please contribute, if you can, to the legal defense for the state's ransoms (a.k.a. bail) on indigenous resistance.

To contribute financially to the legal defense for Six Nations Land Reclamation political prisoners:

Send a check to Janie Jamieson, RR#6, Hagersville (Ontario, Canada) N0A 1H0

Please mark your contribution as legal defense.

(this article was transcribed from a copy of Tekawennake, a newspaper that is not online as of yet)

Letter from the Forgotten Warrior
by Jim Windle
Wednesday, October 11th.

Six Nations/Hamilton - Trudy Miller believes her son Trevor has been forgotten by the people he tried to defend on June 9th and he and others from the site followed a car that had narrowly missed a group of people at the front entrance on the reclamation site.

Miller is accused of being part of an incident between Six Nations men and two CH TV cameramen who happened to be in the Canadian Tire parking lot to film the confrontation.

One of the cameramen was injured in the fracas that ensued.

Miller was arrested August 9 at another protest at Grassy Narrows and brought back to the Cayuga courthouse where he was formally charged and sent to Hamilton where he has sat ever since without receiving a bail hearing and after his court date postponed several times.

Trudy would like to know why it has taken so long to set a bail hearing.

She would also like to know a few things from her own people.

"Where is the support from out own people?" she asks. "Nobody seems to care that he's been sitting in there without even a bail hearing. He has not been visited by any chiefs or Clan Mothers and he wonders where everybody went."

According to Miller, nobody stepped up to offer any financial help at all. It took a special fireside discussion to get access to some of the defense funds accumulated at the reclamation site for that purpose.

She did receive around 1500 from the fund, which she appreciates but wondered why she had to go through so much to get it.

"Trevor would not have been in Caledonia that day if he didn't feel like he was protecting his people," said Miller.

"He's not perfect and has made some poor decisions in his life, but that day he made a choice to defend his people," according to his mother.

She reports that the situation has brought her son closer to the Great Law of Peace which he reads daily since being arrested.

Janie Jameson understands Miller's disappointment that her son has been
all but forgotten while he sits in jail.

"Trevor is one of the three men sitting in the Barton Street jail," she
says. "The two others are Ron Gibson who was at Kanonhstaton this past summer from his home in Akwasasne. He was arrested and charged last
month. The other is a young offender also captured last month. Gibson is a diabetic and although police were informed of this, Gibson was deprived of his medication for three days and even now only receives treatment every
other day."

All three men are being interrogated by police without a lawyer present to defend their rights.

"It was a trap laid for our guys and they fell into it," says Miller. "I just want to advise people at the site to be careful that they don't get swept up and fall into a trap on October 15th," she said, advising everyone to keep their cool.

Miller offered a letter written by her son from jail that she believes will show what Trevor and the others are going through.

It reads:

Dear Mom,
Please call a meeting at the site and read this.I'd like to know when and if I'm able to receive any of this so-called 'legal fund'. I've been called in custody for quite some time now. The many attempts to contact somebody (you know who you are) has not been
successful. So I don't know what else to do but to bring it to the people. Out of all the people charges, I'm the only one sitting in jail. (NOTE:
this letter was written before the others were arrested.) I find this
pretty sad that out of 70 000$ I've received nothing. Not being from
Hamilton, my phone bill is starting to add up. This may not concern
everyone but at the end of the day, you can all go home and see your
families. It has also become a burden on my mother who has done a
considerable amount of work to get me out. I thank you mom for coming up
with 1500$ to pay a bail because I was advised not to go to court until
these matters were dealt with. But again I see how that (is) working
out. So if anybody has a problem with this, please be my guest and pay me a
visit. By the way things are going, I'll be in here for some time. If
you don't know where to find me, I'm at 165 Barton Street East in Hamilton.
For those not able to make it, please drop me a letter. I would like to
also take this time to thank the few people along with my mother for
being there for me. If anyone thinks it's a walk in the park, please come and
join me. I would also like to thank my father and mother. Without them I
would not be able to afford the extras in here that they don't supply
you with (and believe me, they don't supply much) to make it a little better
in here.

Yours truly,
The Forgotten Warrior

Letters to Trevor Miller are to be addressed to:
Trevor Miller
165 Barton street east
Hamilton, Ontario
L8L 2W6
Range 5CR


Background info on the events of June 9th at the Six Nations Reclamation

1) Update from Hazel Hill on June 10th
2) Statement by the Six Nations Confederacy on events of June 9th.

1)Update from Hazel Hill, 06/10/06
Update from Grand River
Today has been a day of unrest at the land reclamation site. While I
won't go into great detail on what has happened today as a press release is
being prepared, it is suffice to say that the intimidation tactics and
pressure from the outside has worked to the point that 1000 OPP officers
are being dispatched to the area surrounding the reclamation site, and
the Caledonia residents are up in arms, demanding the removal of our people
from the site, and even going so far as to setting up a barricade on the
recently opened plank road (argyle street) leading into Caledonia. It is
important for all of you to understand that the intimidation tactics
leading up to today were constant..... including army helicopters and
others flying overhead all hours of the day and night; including
hovering overhead between 2 and 4 in the morning with their lights off, and then
on occasion, shining high powered lights down onto the people on the site.
This has been going on constantly. Our people are being faced daily with
people driving by, hollering racial remarks including "go home you f'n
Indians", "get a job", "you're gonna die" etc. Garbage is constantly
being thrown at us, and besides the "flipping of the bird" there have been
times where firecrackers are being thrown out the window toward us. These
incidents however, are not followed up on by the OPP because they are
not breaking any laws.

Today a United States border patrol vehicle was retrieved with high
powered surveillance equipment in it. The first story from the opp was
that the "A.T.F. Officer" was just visiting friends in the neighbourhood
and was taking pictures, "kinda like a tourist", when spotted just down
from the front line barricade and then followed to the back door of the
reclamation site. Then later when we questioned further what the United
States ATF was doing snooping around taking pictures of our people with
the OPP riding in the back with them, they changed the story saying that
they had been invited in by the OPP. Our question as to what they were
doing there, what is their mandate, and the fact that obviously these
people have gotten high government official clearance to be so far out
of their jurisdiction was unanswered by the OPP representatives. An OPP
officer was hospitalized as a result of this incident, and a CHTV.
Newsperson/cameraman had to get stitches as a result of a previous run
in with our people. This situation is not good.

What needs to be understood is that the incidents of today, are a direct
result of the constant intimidation tactics of the OPP and others of the
military, the continued racial discrimination being shown, not by us,
but by the Caledonia people, including the recent blocking of our children
from using the arena for lacrosse games; the back tracking by the
provincial government at the negotiating table; all of which lead up to
the ultimate goal of the government. To justify stopping the talks at
the negotiating table. From what we have been told at the fire tonight, this
is the position of the government at this point. Canada does not want to
deal with the Onkwehonweh people because they know we are absolutely
right in our position with respect to the land, our sovereignty and upholding
our Law. The violence that occurred is not something that we are proud
of, but it is something that we completely understand knowing and
understanding the underhanded and direct attempts at inciting the action
required to justify another attack against our people, and to make it
look like we are uncontrollable. Why else have they been playing the
"terrorists in Canada in court in Brampton" back to back with the "six
nations land reclamation in Caledonia" on all of the news stations
Canada with the help of corporate media, is making sure the mental brainwashing
of its citizens against the Onkwehonweh people continues. How convenient
that CHTV 11 was there even before this all started. How coincidently
that the couple who sparked the violence with their racial attacks drove
straight to the Canadian Tire parking lot, and how convenient that a
"by-stander" happened to have a video camera across the road at Tim
Horton's video taping the whole scene and directly reporting to CHML
radio who happens to be co-owned by CHTV 11. Was it a co-incidence! or were
these people already on standby knowing that a story was about to break.
It is unfortunate that our people fell for it, and in hindsight we can
all wish it didn't happen, but the reality is, unless you are in the
situation, dealing with the constant mental emotional and physical
intimidation of the corrupt bureaucRATS; and the racial violence that
has been directed at our people on a constant basis, none of us can truly
say how we would have responded if in the situation ourselves.

The potential for violence occurring on the site in the next little
while is tremendous. The Caledonia people are wanting to come in to take us
out. The OPP are maintaining a line between the Caledonia residents and the
reclamation site. It is unknown how long this is going to continue. Our
people need to be on alert. Again, we are on the site unarmed, we are
trying to maintain the peace, and we are keeping the people toward the
inner perimeter of the site. I will forward further updates as soon as I
get them. Please forward to others. Stay Strong and keep the Peace.

Six Nations Confederacy Statement, 06/10/06

CALEDONIA, ON, June 10 /CNW/ - The actions which occurred at the Six
Nations Reclamation site and within the town of Caledonia today are very
disheartening. The Haudenosaunee are a people of peace and do not
condone violence of any form. Our prayers and concern are with those who were
injured during the outbreaks today. A peaceful co-existence with our
neighbours and the safety of all remain at the paramount of our
concerns. The Haudenosaunee/Six Nations have been working with the Provincial and
Federal government to find a peaceful resolution to this tense
situation. The negotiations have been promising as a way to work towards a peaceful
resolution. The land rights of all our people are of great concern and
are at the heart of this situation.

Our people follow the Great Law of Peace and are not a people of
violence. An investigation has been launched and the Six Nations police have been
asked to assist in this process. The individuals who were involved in
these incidents have been removed from the Reclamation Site until our
investigation is complete. The findings from this situation will be
raised before our Haudenosaunee Confederacy Council tomorrow.

The Haudenosaunee are committed to ensure that Great Law of Peace is
respected and followed at the Reclamation Site. Today's incidents are
reflective of the misjudgment and reactions of a limited few. Those
individuals will be dealt with in a manner harmonious with the Great Law
of Peace. We are committed to working with the Ontario Provincial Police
to de-escalate this situation.