What if you started a Serious Revolutionary federation and no one gave a shit?

From Green Anarchy:

What if you started a Serious Revolutionary federation and no one gave a shit?

When you've been riding the waves of The Anarchy for as many decades as we two old coots, you start to get a sense of the patterns of things - the shifts of the seasons, as it were. And just like the leaves of autumn or the blooming of sping, the anarcho-Organizationalists are upon us again to rabble-rouse and blaze trails of shit through human lives until grad school beckons in another year or two.

Struggling since the demise of Love & Rage to be taken seriously by anyone outside of their Civil War Reenactor units, the Neo-Vanguardists are beginning to stink of the theoretical corpses they stand on. The smell is getting so bad that even some anarcho-Communists seem to be losing the stomach for it. The recent break-up of the FRAC - that would be the Federation of Revolutionary Anarchist Collectives - has initiated a new wave of public hand-wringing, notably the recent press release, "Unfinished Business #2: Proletarian Boogaloo" by Paul of the Northwest Anarchist Federation, aka NAF.

Paul sees this break-up as symptomatic of deeper problems currently plaguing the "revolutionary left," namely that uppity anarchists who refuse to submit to the ideology of Federated anarcho-Communism have "any credibility or say in the discourse of the revolutionary left, or the anarchist milieu." However, I'd suggest that the credibility non-Leftist anarchists do possess has more to do with the increasing awareness of the irrelevance of applying a 19th Century class analysis to 21st Century conditions and the anemic theory evident in the elevation of mass organization to the exclusion of all other methods of operating as agents against the State as offered by NAF, FRAC, NEFAC, et al.

These confusionist flunkies fritter away precious days building more unneeded and unwanted organizations; dull the minds of their followers with their endless, unproductive meetings and associated busywork; dilute the meaning of anarchy with calls for stronger leadership and accountability; and make cynical and opportunistic plays at electoral and/or labor politics. They then have the gall to point the finger at any and all anarchists who oppose the Orthodoxy, to lay the blame for the weakness and theoretical impoverishment in their "revolutionary movement."

Not to aggrandize the dismissed, but rather to uncloak the dismissers, our analysis of their MO reveals the anarcho-Federalists to be the intellectual and ideological heirs of 1968's PCF. The exponents of this sad tendency who're sly enough to graduate in journalism will later pay their rent revising our stories - denounce us today, republish our books tomorrow.

After seein so many failed attempts throughout the years to build a "serious revolutionary movement" (SRM!) concerning itself with "real leadership and education" in tackling burning anti-State issues such as the "importance of leadership within anarchist-communism" within the core "educated [code-word for 'correct party line'] milieu of revolutionaries," we've memorized the formula:

1) Come up with the Clever Acronym and Cool Logo.
2) Meet long, meet often for the feeling of Getting Things Done!
3) Make shrill denouncements of any group or tendency that threatens your imagined ideological hegemony over "the movement."
4) Implode due to lack of interest.
5) Write painfully dull retrospective of what went wrong in the best tradition of Crit/Self-Crit.

This is, of course, the problem of starting with The Answer and attempting to warp reality to fit. The nature of the fact that even other anarcho-Communists are losing interest in federalizing will be utterly lost on these myopic Managers-in-Waiting; the only conclusion they will be able or willing to come to is that there needs to be more and stronger Organization! Or as the "now-defunct FRAC" puts it, "we do not question the need to have an organized revolutionary anarchist federation..." The march to reform the State in their own image must trudge on. (Oh! Did we just say that out loud? Oh yes we did.)

If the Federated anarcho-Commies ever Win, these are the people who in all likelihood will be running the reeducation camps. We're generally ver reluctant to engage in any sort of didacticism, but as these old bones see it, anyone who believes it is their place to organize you, educate you, or in any fashion lead you is indeed your "class enemy."

And since we're feeling relatively magnamimous, we won't even bother writing a clever heckle of the author of the NAF press release, an apparently proud "rank and file member of the British Columbia Government Employees Union."

Let's try it again, but this time with feeling!