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Tyendinega Warriors Stop Rail Traffic in solidarity with Six Nations Standoff


CBC is reporting that this is over after CN Rail got an injunction, but earlier today: Mohawks from a reserve in eastern Ontario had stopped at least a dozen freight trains and disrupted Via Rail passenger service. The move was in support of natives who are staging a protest at a construction site at Six Nations in Caledonia, about 90 kilometres southwest of Toronto.

Tyendinega Warriors in solidarity with Six Nations Standoff

> On April 20th 2006 the Ontario Provincial Police assaulted peaceful
> community members of the Six Nations Grand River territory over a dispute
> that had been going on much longer than the Feb.28th standoff. Mohawks of
> the Bay of Quinte have now struck in solidarity with the brothers and
> sisters at Grand River.
> Both rail lines that come through Tyendinega territory have been seized.
> Fires and perimeters have been set up. There is no allowing for rail
> traffic of any kind today, nor any day that Grand River may be subjected
> to police assault. Fifty community members have taken the innitiative and
> are holding the line. They have now been spotted by CN Police and several
> OPP, who have all wisely made quick retreats.
> We ask for support and supplies to come in to Tyendinega ASAP. The camp
> is at the north end of Wyman's Road on the CN and VIA rail line in
> Tyendinega Mohawk Territory, just outside Belleville Ontario on Highway 2.
> Your support and assistance are needed here...and where ever you are, you
> can do your part today.
> Mohawks from Kahnawake (South Shore Montreal) seized the Mercier bridge
> while a demonstration by Indegenous Peoples Solidarity Movement in
> Montreal has already held a march in Montreal. Thank you for your
> support, stay strong, the hours ahead are long ones.
> -tehahonhtanekenhko:wa
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> take note of this show of solidarity:
> Montreal -- April 20, 2006

> A group of about 30 demonstrators gathered for an
> emergency demonstration to denounce the Ontario
> Provincial Police (OPP) attack on indigenous
> protesters defending their land at Six Nations.
> The demonstration, which was called with just a few
> hours notice, gathered at Cabot Park in downtown
> Montreal. After speeches by Misty and Tania, two local
> indigenous solidarity activists, the demonstration
> marched along Ste-Catherine Street. Protesters
> chanted: "Indigenous rights under attack, what do we
> do? Stand up and fight back"; "Land, freedom,
> self-determination, Canada is an illegal nation!";
> and, in French: "Fin de l'occupation, respectez les
> Six Nations!"
> Members of the Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement
> (IPSM) and allied groups will continue to raise
> awareness and mobilize to show support and solidarity
> with the indigenous resistance at Six Nations.
> To stay in touch with the IPSM: ipsm@resist.ca or
> 514-848-7583.