Six Nations Repel Attempted Eviction by Canadian Government

April 28, TORONTO: Six Nations Solidarity Rally, Protest Indian Affairs Minister, 6:30 at Kings College Circle, north of college (in the field), west of university ave.

April 26: Vancouver Solidarity Rally shutdown First Narrows Bridge.

April 26: Mayor Marie Trainer was dumped as the spokeswoman for her municipality on the Six Nations issue by the Haldimand County Council.

April 25: MNN on the Canadian Caledonia mob

April 23: Six Nations Update: How to Survive a Siege (Mohawk Nation News)

APRIL 21: UPDATE from Solidarity action by Tyendinaga Mohawks!!

Since February 28th, dozens of Six Nations protesters had occupied the Douglas Creek Estates housing project southwest of Hamilton, which they say sits on native land.

In an attempt to break the now 52 day occupation, on April 20th the Ontario Provincal Police arrested 16 protesters in a pre-dawn raid. Then, more than 200 members of the nearby Six Nations reserve mobilized to defend the 40-hectare parcel of land slated for a new 250-home development.

By the evening of April 20th, a busload of supporters from other Ontario reserves arrived on the scene, and more were expected through the night at a tent city dotted with Mohawk flags.

As of the morning April 21st, some 400 people (most of whom are native, but with lots of non-native support including members of the Ontario Coaltion Against Poverty, and Canadian Anti-Racist Action chapters) have occupied the land, and offramps from the major highway 6S around the area of Caledonia are shut down now. Police are lining the highway, and Argyle Street is cut off due to a road block.

In Montreal, traffic on the Mercier Bridge was snarled briefly on April 20th when the Kahnawake Mohawk Peacekeepers raised a banner and flags in a show of solidarity.

The Caledonia blockade spurred a sympathy protest near Marysville, Ontario, where Mohawk demonstrators blocked CN Rail's main line between Toronto and Montreal, disrupting freight and passenger service. It is not known when the blockage will be cleared and Via Rail said it had suspended further passenger bookings to Ottawa and Montreal on Friday and through the weekend.

All schools in Caledonia are closed and bus transportation cancelled today as public and Catholic education officials assess the situation in the town.

Read more for information on solidarity protests, buses from Toronto and directions to the blockade.

Audio Interview with Hazel Hill from Hamilton Indymedia

Audio Interview of Leroy Hill from CKRZ

Videos from Autonomy & Solidarity:

Interview with Elder Jaqueline House
Interview with Mohawk Warrior
Interview with Mike D. on Police Attack
Interview with Robin Williams on need for Solidarity
Building of the Highway 6 Barricade


Indian Affairs Minister Jim Prentice has been invited to debate the topic of "Native Self Government". In the words of the Hart House Debates Committee: "The debate will look at the question of how much autonomy and what rights should be granted to aboriginal governments." Could the colonial mindset be any more obvious?

6:30pm, Friday April 28th
Kings College Circle (in the field surrounded by U of T buildings, north west of the College & University intersection.)

Bring your drums!

For more information: or
or call 416-997-1562, 416-660-7920

Sponsored by: Coalition in Support of Indigenous Sovereignty, Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
For more info: or

The Six Nations blockade at the Douglas Creek Estates construction site needs your support!

Yesterday morning the Ontario Provincial Police arrested 16 people in a surprise raid. Blockaders were able to reoccupy the site, and a tense standoff is now underway. The Six Nations blockaders are asking for supporters to spend as much time as possible at the blockade, to show support and be witnesses to any police aggression.

Be there for a few hours, a day, a weekend - anything helps.

Supporters in Toronto are co-ordinating rides to and from Caledonia. If you are looking for a ride to the blockade, please call Nick at 416-531-1831.


There is also an online ride board at

You can find more information on the blockade at

How to get there from Toronto

- Take the QEW west to Highway 403

- Exit at Highway 403 and take it until Highway 6 South

- Follow Highway 6 South all the way into Caledonia (at one point you will have to make a right turn in order to keep following the highway - follow the sign pointing to Caledonia).

- Drive into Caledonia until you reach Caithness St. (also Highway 54), go East (left) on Caithness which becomes Munsee St. in Cayuga.

- Stop at the Canadian Tire - it's easy to spot since the parking lot is full of media vans. Park there.

- Walk the rest of the way to the blockade along Caithness St.

What to bring, what to expect

DRESS WARMLY. Dress for rain.

If you can, it's a good idea to bring a tent, sleeping bag, blanket, etc. If you don't have these that's fine. Do be aware that the blockade is on a construction site, so expect mud, wind, and rough, improvised accommodations. If you're staying overnight, don't count on getting a full night's sleep!

The blockade is well supplied with food, so you don't need to bring all your meals. Any food that you can contribute will be a big help, though. Depending on the circumstances you may also be able to go to
Caledonia to eat.

There is a constant need for gas to run the generator. If you can bring any cans of gas (regular unleaded) to contribute, please do so.

Other supplies the blockaders are requesting:
AAA batteries
Disposable plates and cutlery
Milk of magnesia
Firewood and lumber

Finally, any monetary donations you can make will be greatly appreciated. You can make cheques out to Janie Jamieson.

A railway bridge burns near Caledonia, Ontario, Canada, Thursday April 20, 2006

A dump truck owned by some Six Nations folks came in and dumped a massive pile of fist sized rocks into the middle of the street, blocking all traffic except for a bit on the side, which is only allowed by the warriors guarding the blockade. Bonfires are blazing in the middle of the street.

Some of the suburban houses, which were being built on the land claimed by the Six Nations, have now been taken over by the protesters!

There are dozens of ATVs circling the area, to monitor for police, and more than half the people there are armed with baseball bats and metal pipes (not to mention the pile of thousands of perfect-size throwing rocks blowing the street).

This morning when the first invasion happened, the police were beaten back, and a number of cruisers were smashed. A van (rumoured to be a police one, captured during the invasion), was launched over a highway overpass onto the street blow, blocking that highway as well. Tire fires were set on the bridge, the highways, and huge clouds of black smoke could be seen at either end of the blockade. Activists dismantled railroad tracks, and burned a wooden bridge as well.

The spirits of everyone are very high, and native drumming and songs are loud in the night.

A crowd of about 150 local white residents showed up to "watch", with more than a few yelling racist slurs, being agitational, and trying to pick fights. A few times there were almost incidents, but things of that nature were strongly avoided.

According to protester Clyde Powless, about 16,000 people belong to Six Nations but only about 30 people were at the protest site when police arrived.

Six Nations, which operates as the Iroquois Confederacy and represents the Mohawk, Seneca, Onondaga, Oneida, Cayuga and Tuscarora nations, is not allied with the Crown, he said.

Six Nations, which has its own police force, wants to be recognized by the government, he said.

"Call Ottawa. We want them to recognize the Iroquois Confederacy instead of the Indian Act," Mr. Powless said.

Six Nations Confederacy leaders said they are willing to talk, but noted the protesters were acting on their own accord, not at the request of the local chiefs. "We do not control the protesters. We do have influence over them, but that influence depends on our ability to convince them that serious attention is being paid to [their concerns]," said a statement signed by the six-member Six Nations negotiation committee.



4:20 am the OPP attacked to arrest them. Hauled first 9 off. Some protesters took the Caledonia bridge. Reserve people arrived and repelled the cops. At least 150 heavily armed cops. Vans, trucks, paddy wagons, ambulances (for the cops). They repelled them. The cops came back. They were replled again. Now at 9:00 am the people have taken the land in question back.

How to get there: From Niagara Falls and Toronto, take Highway 6 straight south from Hamilton to Caledonia. From buffalo take Highway 3 west to Higway 6 and north on Highway 6 to Caledonia. From Windsor take Higway 3 East to Higway 6 and go north. These are backways and cops are not likely to be looking at it too much.


The OPP has created an ongoing battle. They sit in their cars, give out false news reports, and wait for reinforcements to come in to squash the Six Nations people but they can't. Everyone is reporting to everyone.

All police have been chased off the perimeter of Douglas Estates for now. Cop were sneaking behind the unfinished houses. One woman went over. A women cop told her she was under arrest. "What do you mean I'm under arrest. You're violating the laws, both ours and international law". Other cops came out and wrestled her down on the ground. She fought all of them. They kneed her to handcuff her. She started booting the cops. Then other Indians arrived on the scene and chased the cops off. As they were leaving they shot her son in back with tasers. The big woman cop was carrying a big gun, something like an ouzi. "It was a big one". Those cops were fully packed, she said. They failed to arrest her because she resisted. There are 9 arrested. They're supposed to only keep them for 2 hours. 'We haven't seen them back yet". The People are shutting Caledonia down. "We are not armed. We got our land back. Were in! We're at the fire!"

At the 6th Line where the Douglas Estates comes out on the road at the entrance, out to Highway 6 that goes onto the rez. The bypass that goes around Caledonia. At the 6^th line overpass, the people there had been blocking that road, they were attacked by the cops, paddy wagons were there. They fought back. It was a brawl. People started coming from the rez and supported them. Immediately there were hydro poles around which they threw on the road and set on fire. They are cutting off Highway 6 the main supply line that goes goes to Nanticoke Hydro Electric plant down on Lake Erie. It is the main transport truck road to Hamilton. This is being blocked.

Some protesters are still holding Caledonia Bridge, the main artery of the city. It's total confusion.

If you have satellite TV, look for Hamilton CH which has a live feed. They have helicopters filming everything.

8:00 AM

It is an ongoing situation. 9 people arrested.

There is fighting going on at the No. 6 Line Bridge. It is blocked off. The traditional Longhouse people put a fire there and the OPP pepper sprayed them. But the people started fighting back. The people have moved onto the main bridge in Caledonia. The people moved the police off the land and are going back to the main door and are still there holding on. The cops are still on the road shutting down the bypass. The OPP were chased off by the people and told to get out. OPP got off the land and are in their cars watching and waiting for "orders".

Get the news on the radio stations, newspapers, television.

7:05 am. Two snipers were chased off by the people. They have 50 cops trapped in, who can't get out. A media black out could work against them. More cops are going to come in. Indians don't have weapons but they do have tons of cameras.

In Ipperwash there was a media blackout. The only way the information got out was because some of the people told what they saw. That's why we need people in there. The police show ed in that public inquiry there was a deliberate attempt to stop the press from finding out. There were attacks upon people with cameras, those who tried to get the story out. What the police learned is how to do this the right way next time. This is it. They learned all the weaknesses We learned the invaders are psychologically twisted people who pretend to be supporting the law.

These are megalomaniacs who think they can say what the law is because they have access to guns. This time they will do it "right". The CTV have made two major movies showing what happens when these twisted personalities are allowed free reign on Indians. We get killed.

There are back room deals in police headquarters to hide the information and protect the police officers that give orders. In the case of Ipperwash, three OPP police officers died suddenly just before they were going to give evidence at the enquiry. What a strange coincidence. It is unfortunate that the poor jerks that are just "following orders" do not realize that they are putting their lives on the line. They are not at risk from Indians, so why all these coincidences?

The Six Nations people have been burning tobacco during this entire occupation for their protection. This is the only weapon that we have. We know the truth is on our side. We are calling upon the natural forces to give us wisdom and guidance through this whole siege. There are repercussions to those involved when you go against people who are innocent and justified in what they are doing. The megalomaniacs who do these kinds of things are only looking out for themselves. They are a danger to all of society. We Indigenous people are within our rights. We want Canada to obey their own laws, and to respect international norms. We want an open and fair hearing. If the colonizers think they own our land, they need to prove it. With this attack they have trashed any pretension to right and decency, democracy and the rule of law. Canada is beginning to slide quickly down the slippery slope of despotism. How can Canada decolonize. The test lies in how they feel toward people who challenge their assumptions. Are they going to use batons, guns and pepper spray? Or are they going to get out their documents and take a serious look at the evidence.

The answer is obvious. Just look at what is happening today. This is a colonial government's hard core. Canada does not believe in reasoned researched and documented solutions. We are seeing how colonial government is going to deal with any kind of questioning of their "might makes right" authority. These are the signs of how a tyrannical government is going to suppress the people from expressing legitimate dissent against a takeover by the powerful elitist interests that are involved. It appears that individual rights are being eliminated systematically all over Turtle Island. This destruction of dissent at Six Nations is done under the cover of media darkness. This is the way it will be done in the future against all people across Turtle Island.

This is an experiment in police state tactics against unarmed people who are exercising our rights.

These are the lessons they learned at Gustafsen Lake in 1995 where 77,000 rounds of ammunition were shot at the Indians. In Saskatoon, where Six Indian boys were found frozen to death outside the city put there by police officers. In Winnipeg where J.J. Harper was murdered by the Winnipeg police. At Ipperwash where Dudley George was murdered in cold blood by the OPP. There are over 500 Indigenous women who have "disappeared" and the police have done nothing about it. In the 1960's there was a complaint made in British Columbia because men were looking for Indian children to have sex with them in the streets. The police did nothing about it. Child prostitution is an on-going problem in Vancouver. We don't want the blood lust of Canada's police force to be whetted by spilling the blood of Indians. This vampire regime is moving in on Indians like sharks who smell blood in the water.

We don't want the

6:45 am

Go to Six nations. Take part in the Canadian "democratic" process. Get pepper sprayed. Get beat up. Get arrested. Get killed. No one will know what is going on. Seriously, the media black out is giving the lawless their power. They can do anything they want and who knows where it will stop. Take photos and tell your friends. We don't want another Chile. The state has been involved in murders before like Anna May Aquash. These attackers find a place where they can live out their bizarre fantasies and manias. These people have a twisted view of society and a gun is put in their hands. No psychological testing is done on these guys in police, armies, and bureaucracies. The only test for surviving is a willingness to "follow orders", not the law. These people have no concept of what the law or true democratic rule is.

6:20 AM

Cops all over the place. People are there. More people coming. Pepper sprayed. So far they let everybody go. Some might have been seized. Don't know. Canada using Gestapo tactics instead of making things right. Canada following big brother george bush mentality -- invasion, containment, imprisonment and torture of Indigenous people and their families. Next Canada will start hunting down those who continue to protect and try to maintain the sov and jurisdiction of our people. lets not be surprised if Canada puts a deck of 52 for its most wanted Indigenous people and their friends and allies. Free land is our land that is free of Indians.

At 5:55 am this morning, Thursday, April 20th, over 150 heavily armed Ontario Provincial Police with Native mercenaries as body shields, invaded Six Nations land. Some carrying M-16's, in riot gear. 6th line is still open. The Rotinoshon'no are not fighting because they are unarmed. Tear gas has been thrown at them. Some were pepper sprayed. The traitors are the same kind of people who stabbed Crazy Horse, Geronimo, and those who fought for our sovereignty and our lives.

One bridge to the property has been closed.

Witnesses required. This will not be on the national news. Go there and see what is going on. This is a scary precedent. Take pictures. Make reports. Let the world know. report. REPORT. REPORT. Help the people so no one gets hurt. we never wanted violence. Canada has opened to the door to covert state violence on a scale that is unprecedented in Canada. This si the end of any pretense of negotiation with Indigenous people. they're just going to take the land. Canada came in with armaments, guns, paddy wagons (we dont know what's in there).

Don't let Canada become another Chile. Tell the world. The Rotino'shon:we are on our own land.

MNN Mohawk Nation News

The Six Nations Elected Band Council Recognizes The Lead Of The Haudenosaunee Confederacy Council With Respect To Douglas Creek


04/20/06 - The Six Nations Elected Council has been made aware of the court order being acted on by the OPP at the Douglas Creek Estates.

We advise that all people at the site as well as the people from our community remain calm and peaceful as we work through this difficult situation.

The Six Nations Elected Council recognizes the Confederacy’s lead on the Douglas Creek Estates. As of today we will continue to meet and support the Confederacy to find a peaceful resolution to this situation.

The Elected Council has set up a communication center at the Six Nations Administration Building (519) 445-2201.

This will be the base for all factual information to go to and official responses will be coming only from this site.

Please call the communication center for any clarification on information needed from Six Nations. The Six Nations Elected Council will make everyone aware as soon as possible of any statements or information concerning changes to the situation.

The Six Nations Council and the Confederacy Council is receiving support from all Iroquoian communities for a peaceful resolution.

We would like to reiterate that the Six Nations Elected Council recognizes the lead of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Council in this matter, and shall remain in an active supporting role.

Kahentinetha Horn – MNN Mohawk Nation News –



MNN. March 23, 2006. It was a victory for the power of the people! It was a victory for Indigenous land rights. It was a victory for all those struggling for recognition of Indigenous jurisdiction. Since mid-February the Rotinoshon’non:we/Iroquois have been protesting the construction of a luxury residential subdivision on their land called “Douglas Estates” near Caledonia Ontario. With the Canadian and provincial governments intent on ignoring our rights, there were no options. We had to stop the construction ourselves. Our people braved freezing rain, snow, sleet and ankle deep mud. Many slept in tents and cars to keep the barricades manned. Supporters carried in pots of food and truckloads of firewood. We’re in it for the long haul! We are continuing the fight that our grandparents and great-grandparents fought and that our children and grandchildren are prepared to continue if the colonization doesn’t stop.

Henco Industries, the developer that is squatting on our land, went to court and got an injunction. Judge David Marshall of the Ontario Provincial Court thought he had a fool proof plan to get rid of the people protesting Ontario’s persistent violation of Six Nations Territory. On March 16 he issued a strange convoluted order. He announced that at 2:00 on Wednesday, March 22nd, the Ontario Provincial Police OPP would come in. They would read the order to us. Anyone who didn’t leave immediately would be arrested and taken to the police station where they would be photographed, fingerprinted and released. He also ordered that anyone who returned would be charged and placed on probation for a year. The trouble is he seemed to have forgotten about due process and the honor of the Crown. He didn’t mention a hearing or a trial. Neither Ontario nor Henco was required to prove they owned the land in question. This may have something to do with the report that Judge Marshall and the Crown Prosecutor, Owen Young, both claim parts of our land themselves.

The people weren’t frightened by Marshall’s attempt to bully us with his bogus order. We’ve seen it all before. Everyone rallied to support us. By 2:00 on Wednesday hundreds of people had converged at Douglas Estates. The Women locked arms together on the front line. It’s our duty under our constitution, the Kaianereh’ko:wa/Great Law, to protect the land for our future generations. We were going to do our best. We weren’t alone. All across Turtle Island from the Dene of the Northwest Territories, the Western chiefs of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, natives and non-natives alike bombarded everybody they could with the message: "Stop the OPP bloodbath". It did not happen because as 2:00 came and went people continued to arrive to stand with us.

We lead ourselves, which we had every right to do. That’s autonomy and freedom of _expression. We found out that we all follow the same philosophy. We all want to protect the natural world and to live in peace and harmony together. We all have the same vision, to preserve our sovereignty in order to protect our land to ensure a future for our people, as creation intended us to do. We are not Canadians and not Americans. We have always rejected the genocidal colonial European vision.

Super Indian Cop, Jim Potts, a self-described expert on us, pulled himself and his Aboriginal mercenaries out of the protest at the last minute. He had set up a squad of his own people to attack their brothers and sisters at Six Nations. He said, "They aren't going to have any weapons", like we’re supposed to believe that the OPP is unarmed! That’s who he said was their back up. If anything happened, the Aboriginal inductees would take the flack and act as human shields for the provincial gestapo. Looks like he read Ward Churchill’s “A Little Matter of Genocide” and decided to be Ontario’s ‘Little Eichmann’. "We have a court order to do this", he said. That's the plan that was outlined in his report on "Dealing with Indigenous Protests and Occupations" that fell into the hands of MNN. It came from one of its most valued and trusted sources.

The OPP have no jurisdiction on land claimed by the Rotinoshon'non:we because we never gave any to them in accordance with our nation-to-nation agreement. The Ontario courts used to recognize that back in the 1920’s before Duncan Campbell Scott deposed the traditional Rotinoshon’non:we government.

Colonial practices have gotten worse since then. The popular action on Wednesday has turned the tide, we hope. Maybe Ipperwash made them think, finally! We will no longer be lead into the ovens by sell-outs like Jim Potts! When we pull together and assert ourselves, we will win by standing on our principles. Our path has been blocked for so long. We removed the ‘log’ on the road, chopped it up and used it for firewood. Yes, we are going to find non-destructive ways to get Turtle Island back. Every time we neglected our responsibility, hard times came upon us. But our duties and responsibilities were still there.

We lost our way because there was so much dust on our constitution. Generations were forbidden to speak our language. They were interpreting everything through residential school eyes. The Kaianereh'ko:wa was being used to control the people as if it was colonial law instead of helping us. The servants of the colonialists try to make the people serve them. On Wednesday no leaders showed up because the minds of the "leaders" are the minds of the colonialist.

In the early 1800’s there was a Judge Marshall in the United States Supreme Court whose reasoning is relied on to this day by courts that are trying to defend Indigenous rights in an honorable way. If Ontario’s Judge David Marshall is a blood descendant, he’s certainly not philosophical kin. This guy believes in “big gun” injunctions. He can’t be bothered with little details like legal proof. He was determined to charge people even if he didn’t know who they were. His orders were all made out mostly to fictional people called “John and Jane Doe”. He wanted to sentence them without a hearing or a trial. He threatened them with criminal records, bad credit ratings, inability to borrow money, border crossing trouble and lots more. Sounded like he said something like, "We’ll even hose you down with bad water if we have to". But he really wanted to “atomize” us! Oops! Hey! Isn’t that genocide again? He seemed to want to dump every kind of threat in his quiver to stop us from exercising our rights and to perfect Henco Industries’ theft of our land.

These kinds of things always attract scammers as well as serious supporters. This time we got one, Pat Holly, who claimed to be the trustee of Mohawk Nation Grand River and maybe even Mother Earth itself! He sure didn’t look like a clan mother! But this white guy thought he had a good thing going. He had two native fronts. Maybe he thought no one would find out he’d been caught selling fake Indian and Metis status cards in the United States. He served Henco Industries with Notices of International Claim for $110 million US through the Office of the Secretary of State of the State of Texas. He wanted a check made out to Pat Holly, Bill Squires and Thedawahka. Then the whole issue would go away. This sounds almost as legitimate as the previous “sales” of Six Nations land. Maybe this guy has an option on the Brooklyn Bridge too!

People are still at the site. They intend to stay. They invite supporters to come and stand with them. The injunction is not legal and is going to be challenged. We have the support of people across the whole of Turtle Island and beyond. Today even Indian Affairs Minister Prentice sent a representative to the site to open up a dialogue. They told him, “Give us your name. We’ll call you sometime”. I wonder if he would open up a dialogue if someone came to squat on his land and tried to kick him off?

Kahentinetha Horn – MNN Mohawk Nation News –

Yesterday morning the Ontario Provincial Police attacked the Six Nations people who have been asserting their First Nations land rights on unceded territory. A developer, Henco Industries, has filed for a court order to have the First Nation defenders forcibly removed from an area known as Douglas Estates in Caledonia, Ontario, Canada.

The issue is Henco Industries Ltd. Is illegally attempting to build a luxury sub-division on land belonging to the Six Nations people. Today marks the 52nd day of the occupation of their lands to prevent further loss of land. Here is what they have to say:

“The British Crown made a commitment to us in 1784 General Haldimand promised to protect our right to occupy a stretch of land for six miles wide on both sides of the Grand River from its mouth to its source. This includes 800 square miles of every body of water within the Beaver Hunting Grounds for natives to hunt, fish, trap and collect medicines for all time to come. Since then the British government and its colonial agents did not keep their word. Most of our land has been stolen through illegal transfers and squatting. Squatters have been encroaching on our land through Canada and Ontario governments giving out illegal permits and looking the other way.”

And the following is an official document concerning this matter:


DATE: March 20, 2006

FROM: The Women Title Holders of the Rotinoshon’non:we

WHEREAS the Women are the “Title Holders” of the land of Rotinoshon’non:we as recalled by Wampum 44 of the Kaianereh’ko:wa.

WHEREAS the “Title” held by the Women represents a trust obligation to maintain the land for the future generations of our Nations as recalled by Wampum 44.

TO: Henco Construction, et al. (See list of recipients of Objection at end of document).

RE: Henco Industries is building a subdivision on the unsurrendered “Haldimand Tract” for sale to non-Indigenous people who may be unaware that this is illegal.

WHEREAS the Canadian Government knows this land is subject to litigation resulting from fraudulent and dubious practices. Canada has allowed permits to be given out to Indian land it does not have title to. Gen. Haldimand confirmed that Britain would affirm the right of the Six Nations to a tract of land six miles deep on either side of the Grand River running from its mouth to its source. None of this land was ever legally surrendered. Most of this land was lost through a variety of frauds perpetrated or condoned by the colonial governments. Canada knows it violated the law when it deposed the traditional government in 1924. Canada is presently in negotiations to rectify these past injustices. Offering non-native people title to this land is a deliberate attempt to mislead and act in bad faith. Henco Industries is part of “sharp” practice on the part of the Crown in Right of Ontario and/or Canada, which knows that it cannot grant legal title to these lands.

WHEREAS the elected Six Nations Council of Grand River set up under the Indian Act does not represent the Rotinoshon’non:we according to standards established under international law, including The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

WHEREAS Canada has ascribed to the internationally recognized standards for respecting political rights of the People as set out in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and other international legal instruments.

WHEREAS the United Nations Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination found on March 6, 2006 that the United States was denying the Western Shoshone people “their rights to own, develop, control and use their land and resources”; they warned the U.S. to respect the Convention; and to “freeze”, “desist” and “stop” their actions immediately and to abide by the Committee’s “Early Warning and Urgent Action Procedure”. Canada’s encroachment violates “international human rights norms, principles and standards”. The Western Shoshone decision indicates that encroaching as a way to take over land has been formally rejected.

WHEREAS there has been no valid consultation with or consent by the constitutional Indigenous People according to the standards set by Canadian, U.S. and international law.

WHEREAS relations between Canada and the Rotinoshon’non:we continue to be governed by the Two Row Wampum.

WHEREAS the actions being taken by Canada, Ontario and its agencies were established in the colonial era according to procedures that violated international law.

WHEREAS General Assembly Resolution 1541 (XV) requires the informed consent of a people before they are included in another state.

WHEREAS the International Court of Justice affirmed Resolution 1541 in the Western Sahara case.

WHEREAS the courts of other colonial states like the Supreme Court of Australia in Mabo have formally repudiated past colonial reasoning and practices

WHEREAS the denial of a nation’s existence constitutes genocide according to the many international covenants that Canada has pledged to uphold.

WHEREAS Section 35 (1) of Canada’s Constitution Act 1982 has formally recognized and affirmed “existing Aboriginal and treaty rights”.

WHEREAS the Constitution of Canada has stated that Aboriginal and Treaty Rights must now be respected.

WHEREAS Canada is required to respect our right to our lands and resources under Section 109 of its Constitution Act 1867.

WHEREAS the traditional laws of the Rotinoshon’non:we are still in effect.

WHEREAS the Women Title Holders have never been consulted concerning this proposal to violate the title of ourselves and the future generations by building subdivisions on our land which involves the alienation of our people’s Indigenous rights and lands.


1. The proposed construction is illegal; that Canada and Ontario have no authority to make political decisions on behalf of our People;

2. Rotinshon’non:we land is inalienable. There can be no discussion of the possibility of a legitimate agreement alienating the land.

3. The procedures deny political power from the People.

4. The proper venue to discuss these matters is the traditional Rotinshon’non:we process as set out in the Kaianereh’ko:wa.

5. The Canadian and U.S. Constitutions respect that relations with us shall be conducted on a nation-to-nation basis. (We brought this constitutional jurisdiction issue before the Supreme Court of Canada – Kanion’ke:haka Kaianereh’ko:wa Kanon’ses:neh v. Attorney General of Canada and Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Ontario, Court file: 05-CV-030785. In the U.S. Supreme Court. See No. 05-165: 2005. In the Supreme Court of the United States In re Kanion’ke:haka Kaianereh’ko:wa Kanon’ses:neh, Non-party, Petitioner/Movant/Appellant, The Canadian St. Regis Band of Mohawk Indians, Plaintiffs, Respondents v. The State of New York, Defendants, Respondents. Petition for Writs of Certiorari and Quo Warranto with Prohibition and mandamus in Aid to Prevent Genocide. Rules 17.1 and 20.1. Attached.)

6. The Women Title Holders insist on an immediate end to this initiative, and to initiate a dialogue to work toward a solution acceptable to the Rotinoshon’non:we.

By: Rotinshon’non:we Women Title Holders

Ayantwahs /s/ ________________________

Gaayetweh /s/ ________________________

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The lands in question, being part of the Haldimand Tract according to the Injunction are listed as:

"Schedule A"

FIRSTLY: Parts of Lots B and C, Range West of Plank Road, geographic Township of Oneida, in Haldimand County and being Part 1 on 18R-6217

SECONDLY: Part of Lot 18, Broken Front Concession on the Grand River, geographic Township of Oneida, in Haldimand County, and being Parts 2, and 3 on Reference Plan 18R - 6217

AND THAT the said land is registered in the Land Registry Office for the Land Titles Division of Haldimand as Parcel BC-18 in the Register for Section Rng W Plank Rd & BFC on GR (Oneida)