NEFAC Action Plan For The Months To Come. Adopted December 8, 2002.

NEFAC action plan for the months to come. Adopted December 8, 2002.

1. That the NEFAC would have a prioritized intervention on the question of immigration. That a document be produced on the hardening of laws and borders shutdown. That we support an approach targeted at denouncing the shutdown of borders and the modifications to immigration laws and that both in Canada and the United States.

The NEFAC's work will have 2 aspects. Firstly, it will have to produce a serie of political positions on the question, notably by stating the current situation and by analyzing the different changes made to the laws, in a comparative way between Canada and the US. Secondly, that NEFAC gets involved in or initiate common struggles through out the territory covered by the federation to put pressure against new laws. For instance (but its not a proposal), we could support the Algerians campaign in Quebec, get involved or form anti-expulsion comittees or organize a big bi-national demo against new immigration laws.

2. That the NEFAC start a serious capaign about workplace interventions. This intervention will comprise many steps of which the first one would start this fall.

Step 1: fall-winter 2002-2003 Agitational part and build-up of a political base. That the NEFAC produce a federal document on the question of work and capitalist exploitation. This document will tackle different subjects, notably the question of organizing in the work places. That the NEFAC creates a work commitee on the question of work. This commitee will produce the document.

At the same time, that the NEFAC promotes organizing in the work place either by pushing for implications with existing unions or by proposing the creation of new entities whether unions or other. That the NEFAC promotes a organizing collective of precarious workers in each city where it is present. Those commitees will be able to start up step 2.

[note: Bete Noire is co-ordinating the writing of the workplace posistion papers.]

Step 2: winter-spring 2003(or later depending): that the NEFAC gathers supporters that want to create, in each of the cities, organizing collectives for the precarious workers. These collectives will have as first objective (if they want to) to do a work of propaghanda, agitation and above all information on the question of work, workers rights and work laws. The federation will then have to provide the different resources needed: judicial information, technical information, expertise exchanges, etc... These collectives will have to politically and economically defend the precarious workers that dont have access to unionizing.

Parallel to that, the NEFAC will be able to strenghten its contacts with the existing union entities so that we can work in closer collaboration. The NEFAC will also offer the same services for people who want to be involved in their union but that for different reasons cant achieve it. This information could treat of: how one can get involved with one's union, what are the structures of north-american syndicalism?

Step 3: (long term) the precarious worker's defense commitees could be able to lead struggles be it for unionizing, improve working conditions, change laws or be an opposition to the bosses organizations and big unions that sleep with the bosses.

This proposition is obviously incomplete and deserves to be enriched by local experiences.

3. That NEFAC creates a work commitee to translate and americanize the housing pamphlet written By Phebus and published by the Quebec regional union.