Oaxaca: More CIPO-RFM Prisoners Detained and Tortured

Message sent by the comrades from WE ARE ALL PRISONERS COLLECTIVE

[note: The CIPO-RFM is a Magonista (anarchist-communist) organization of indigenous and non indigenous people in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico who are currently faced with extreme repression. Solidarity efforts in the northeast are being organized by Boston Friends of the CIPO-RFM, email: bostonporciporfm@yahoo.com]

Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca March 6, 2005

At about 5:00 pm a group of 20 activists met in front of the State Commission of "Human Rights" of Oaxaca (CEDHO), with the purpose of doing a march "for the liberty of the comrades who still remain in the Puente Grande Jalisco prison and in general for all the political prisoners in the country". This mobilization was going to start at the CEDHO, passing by the head office of the National Action Party and finishing in the public sqaure of the city. After having finished our meeting in front of the CEDHO, we were already heading for the public square, when we were blocked in the Héroes de Chapultepec Avenue by about 12 preventive police. In a very arrogant and aggressive manner, they shoved us against the wall and searched us while they insulted and hit us. During the search one of the police seized the camera of one of the protesters and took out the film and destroyed it, one police took away our flyers explaining the motive of the protest. It is worth mentioning that when we were being put into the patrol vans of the preventive police, around 15 police of the Police Unit for Special Operations (UPOE) arrived at the scene, who are infamously known for their repression and breaking up all types of protest and disobedience.

After that, we were transferred to the facility of the State Department for Citizens Protection (SEPROCI) situated in Santa María Coyotepec. Once there, the treatment was degrading and in every moment the abuse of authority was evident. To some of the comrades who were wearing anything with some kind of political reference, were forced to remove it and show it to the police inspector, who after inspecting them, threw them over the back packs and blankets they had previously taken away from us.

Around 9:00 pm we were sent to an agent of the Public Ministry appointed to the Historic Center, where they wrote us a medical certification, to immediately transfer us separately to the Procurator General of Justice of the State of Oaxaca.

We make responsible for all of the mentioned above and the physical and psychological integrity of all those detained: Governor Ulises Ruíz and the Director of Public Security José Manuel Vera Salinas, Procurator of Justice Patricia Villanueva and the Secretary General of Government Jorge Vargas Franco.

Those detained are:

Gudofredo Martinez
Vasquez Job Sanchez
Cecilia López López
Sandra Garcia
Cristian Javier
Aron Esteban
José Luis
Jesus Zafra Jose Eduardo Sanchez
Juan Nemesio Marino
Jose de Jesus Vasquez
Oscar Pablo Sibaja
Aron Vasquez Aguilar
Juan Nemesio Marino
Jose de Jesus Vasquez
Oscar Pablo Sibaja