G8 Assassins! NEFAC Call To Action (July 2001)

July 2001

They won't get away with it!

Demonstrations in Quebec, Montreal, NYC and Boston, Monday, July 23rd

He was 23 years old and like thousands of other activists, he opposed capitalism's savagery. The system, through it's guard dogs, shot two bullets in his head and drove over him. This isn't an accident or a mistake. The escalation of repression, like the escalation of our rage, is clearly
predictable. This is murder.

It happened Friday, July 20th, in Genoa. It could have also happened in Quebec, Seattle, Prague or anywhere else. And it will happen again. Just like it happens everyday in slums, factories and lands of the whole world, just like it risks happening more and more often in demonstrations in the
"Western world". It's called class war.

We can't let them get away with it!
Our weapon and strength is solidarity!

The Northeastern Federation of Anarchist-Communists (NEFAC), and autonomous anti-authoritarians of the northeast, denounce the state's repression, reaffirm their solidarity with their anarchist and revolutionary comrades in Europe and call for non-sectarian demonstrations in front of Italian embassies and consulates of the whole region. Until we bring down capitalism, it will continue to kill with impunity whoever it wants, starting with the poor,
the social justice fighters and revolutionaries of this world.

Demonstration in Quebec city
Monday, July 23rd at 1pm
in front of the Italian Consulate in Quebec (355 23rd street, Quebec)
Meeting point : 12h30 in front of the Gabrielle-Roy public library. We will go by bus, so bring tickets!

Demonstration in Montreal
"Solidarity with the comrades in Genoa"
Monday, July 23rd at 12h (noon).
Meeting point : Mcgill metro, Ste-Catherine's street
exit (promenades de la Cath