1. What is the difference between Members and Supporters?
  2. What is the Federation policy on individual members and collectives?
  3. What are the membership responsibilities?
  4. What is the process for becoming a member?

What is the Difference between Members and Supporters?

Members: A member is defined as any group or individual that agrees with the positions and orientations of the Federation (see Aims & Principles and Position Papers), fulfills the member responsibilities (see below), and has had its candidature accepted by a Federation conference.

Supporter: A supporter of NEFAC is an individual or collective that agrees with the aims and principles of the federation and wishes to work with and assist the federation but either cannot, or does not wish to, fulfill full member responsibilities and thus is not seeking to become a full member of the federation at this time.

What is the Federation policy on individual and collective members?

The Federation recognizes two types of membership - collective and individual. Because the anarcho-communist vision of society and revolutionary activity are in essence fundamentally collective, individual membership can only be seen as a temporary measure. It is the individual's duty to join or form new groups, and the individual will have all the help of the Federation to this end.

What are the membership responsibilities?

Revolutionary politics, not being a hobby but a life choice, requires that the members of the Federation agree on the following member responsibilities:

  1. regularly pay the dues fixed by the conference
  2. contribute to the collective theoretical development of the Federation (members are encouraged to organize at least one large and open study group or seminar a year; the Federation pledges to distribute the study material produced by member groups)
  3. contribute to the collective anarchist agitation and propaganda of the Federation, notably by the distribution of agitational and propagandist material produced by the Federation, and by the regular organization of lectures and by writing articles for the Federation press (the Federation pledges to produce agitational and propagandist material and to distribute the material produced by the groups; the Federation also pledges to organize a list of available lecturers, lecture subjects and organize propaganda tours)
  4. intervene in the class struggle, either in an autonomous manner or by an active presence in the social movements (every member of the Federation is therefore involved, at one level or another, in the class struggle; while giving a priority to local intervention, the Federation will organize international interventionist campaigns in the class struggle)
  5. participate as individuals, when possible and practical, in at least one of the Federation's working committees and groups; individuals should also pledge to coordinate a working committee or assume one of the federal duties at least once every three years
  6. regularly participate in the conference and in the meetings of other Federation bodies (for its part, the Federation will put in place a system to equally share the fees asscociated with the organization and the costs related to participation in these meetings - see article 4a of the Constitution)
  7. regularly inform the Federation as a whole of the development of your activity by the means of a short monthly report sent to the discussion list and a more detailed report every three months
  8. mandate one recallable spokesperson from the local group to participate in the federal council

What is the process for becoming a member?

If only for security reasons, we cannot accept just any one in the Federation or in just any way. Since there has been a great deal of confusion in the past over the specifics of joining the Federation, the process is explained below in the most direct language possible. If the process is still unclear, please contact the National Secretary.

Whether applying for individual or collective membership, the process is essentially the same. First, the interested group or individual (which, for clarity's sake will be referred to as "you" from here on) needs to contact either the member collective which is closest to them or the General Secretariat, informing the Federation of your interest in joining. Either your closest member collective or the General Secretariat can then immediately approve you for supporter status. However, if no prior contact has been had between you and the Federation, it is possible that the Federation will ask you to first meet with the member collective closest to you. Assuming your supporter status is approved, you will then be expected to engage in a working relationship with the rest of the Federation. If you so desire, you can then apply for full membership at any subsequent conference. Your membership will then be added to the conference agenda, and will be voted on by all Federation members in attendance at the conference.