(Toronto) Project Threadbare: Your Help Needed To Prevent A Deportation


Dear supporter of civil liberties,

Some important new developments have taken place in the last few days
and we need your help.

One of the victims of Project Thread, the one who has been the face for
all the injustice which has taken place, is going to be deported on
March 23, 2004. That's exactly two weeks from today!

If he gets deported, his life will be in danger. His lawyer will be in
court on Monday, March 15 to try and prevent this.

You can help in a very simple way -- show up at the courthhouse. The
hearing (judicial review, in legal terms) will be held on Monday at the
courthouse on the Corner of Dundas and University in Toronto. It will be
in the morning sometime - we'll get you the details soon.

You can help to distribute Project Threadbare flyers and even speak with
passers-by about the cases.

The most important thing is that you be there. We desperately need to
have = a strong showing on Monday.

Can you help? Can you be there?

We need to hold the Canadian government accountable for criminalizing
Muslims. If they are successful in this deportation, it jeopardizes not
only the lives of these men but the very bedrock of civil liberties in
this country.

Please email threadbare@buzzardpress.com and let us know. Or you can
call (416) 801-2923.

Thanks very much

Project Threadbare members


Project Threadbare is a city-wide coalition in Toronto, Ontario that
came together in response to the arrest and detention of twenty three
Pakistani men and one south Indian man - all of them Muslim.

None of the men have committed a crime and none have been charged.

Project Threadbare alludes to the RCMP investigation called "Project
Thread" which, although it has produced no hard evidence of any
wrongdoing made allegations of terrorism and was the basis on which some
of them were held for up to three months.

This is a clear example of racist targeting of Muslims and South Asians
which has become commonplace after 9/11 and to which the government has
not been accountable. The wrongful allegations of terrorism that led to
their arrests and detention were dropped by the RCMP yet, did not win
their immediate release. There has still been no clearing of their names
or apology made.

Our aim is to win Exoneration for all the men by building a mass
campaign in communities across the country.

For more information, please visit http://threadbare.tyo.ca