Toronto Demonstration Against New Immigration Jail

Saturday, March 27th, 2004

Immigration Canada to open new and expanded detention centre this spring:
Heritage Inn
385 Rexdale Boulvard

Meet at Dufferin Grove Park (north end)
(Dufferin just south of Bloor)
11 am
Transportation and meal provided

Meet at the Heritage Inn
Rexdale Blvd between Hwy 27 and Martingrove Road

Immigration Canada's infamous Toronto detention centre, the Celebrity Inn, is closing down. In its place, a larger jail is set to open on April 1st. The Heritage Inn, a former hotel on Rexdale Boulevard in the city's north-west end, will hold even more (im)migrants and refugees - people imprisoned because they do not have status, because Immigration Canada does not believe their identities or their stories of flight and persecution, because the authorities need only have 'suspicion' in order to throw people inside.

On Saturday, March 27th, people will converge on the new prison before it opens. We are living in a time where Immigration authorities are moving faster and harder to arrest, jail and deport (im)migrants and refugees - peoples' lives, their homes, their families are being destroyed. People are hunted down in their apartments, at their workplaces, stopped in cars and on the streets by cops and enforcement authorities who work together to carry out policies that try to ensure many people are denied the chance to get landed status in this country. The Canadian state has imposed laws designed to welcome select people with wealth and priviledge and deny many others the right to secure homes, income, health care, or education.

The Heritage Inn, with higher walls and taller fences, epitomizes a shift by Immigration Canada to jail people first and ask questions later, decent access to lawyers or translators, to set bonds for peoples' release from detention in the thousands of dollars, to deny jailed children and parents access to fresh air, schooling or healthy food - and for many people, to rip them from live built in Canada without fair hearings, appeals processes, or any just opportunity to have safe and secure futures in our communities.

We must fight back against this attack. We must resist the racist and inhumane detention and deportation machine, operating under the guise of 'security' and the untruth that all people coming to Canada have equal and easy access to applying for papers that would allow them to stay. In a world where power and greed has tilted the balance of resources and standard of living so heavily in favour of so few, people should have the freedom to move, the freedom to choose a safe and decent life for themselves and their families.

Join us on March 27th at Immigration Canada's newest racist jail, The Heritage Inn. All participation welcome.

No Detention.
No Deportations.
No Prisons.
No one is Illegal.

To book a free seat on the bus or for more information, contact OCAP.