Northeastern Anarchist #2

This Issue's Feature: The FTAA Protests In Quebec City


News from the Northeast

  • The resurgence of anarchist collectives in the region;

    Black bloc marches for women's reproductive freedom;

    MacKay St. tenants evicted in Montreal;

    Anti-racists clash with nazis in Connecticut;

    Prison riot in Massachusetts;

    OCAP eviction-action in Toronto;

    FBI targets Long Island anarchist collective;

    St. Jean Baptiste riots in Montreal;

    Anarchist bookfair reports from Baltimore, Montreal, and New England;

    Upcoming anti-capitalist convergence in DC; etc.

International News

  • Extreme repression in Gothenburg;

    Asian youth riot against fascism in Oldham;

    Bolivian workers stage militant occupation;

    Rebellion in Cincinnati;

    International anarchist meeting in Madrid;

    Ugandan police search for student anarchists;

    RZ trial begins in Berlin;

    Vrankrijk squat threatened;

    Daewoo strike in Korea;

    Anti-privatization riot in Papua New Guinea;

    international reports from Mayday;

    Autonome Antifa; etc.

Book Reviews