Aims And Principles

Common Struggle - Libertarian Communist Federation is an organization of revolutionaries coming from different movements of resistance who identify with the communist tradition within anarchism. The federation's activities are organized around theoretical development, anarchist propaganda, and intervention in the struggle of our class, be it autonomously or by direct involvement in social movements.

Anarchist Communism

As anarchist communists we struggle for a classless and non-hierarchical society. We envision an international confederation of radically democratic, self-managed communities and workplaces. To achieve this society, our class will abolish the wage system and socialize all industries, means of production and distribution. We reject the division of labor that condemns an individual to a life of restricted activity for the sake of the commodity economy. The abolition of markets and exchange value will allow for the satisfaction of human needs, adhering to the communist principle, "From each according to ability, to each according to need."


We seek to abolish all forms of capitalism, whether it be free-market capitalism or so-called "socialist" state capitalism. Capitalism creates a society divided into two
antagonistic social classes: a small, elite ruling class and a large, exploited working class. The ruling class owns and controls the means of production and distribution, and are thereby able to monopolize the wealth. Their ownership of these two primary functions in society further enables them to focus production toward their own class interests (commodity production, increased profits, relentless expansion, etc.) without regards for society as a whole. Those of us who are not part of the capitalist ruling class are forced to sell and rent our labor, whether physical or intellectual, for a wage in order to survive. We are trapped in wage slavery.

Class Struggle

There is no one single humanity, there is a humanity of classes. Through inequality, and irreconcilable class interests, an ongoing struggle exists between different social classes. All aspects of modern capitalist society are a direct result of this struggle, developing through centuries of conflict. Anarcho-communism originated within, and was developed through, the every day struggles of the working class against the oppression of class rule.

The State

We are also opposed to all forms of Statism and government. The purpose of any State, whether "representative democracies" or totalitarian dictatorships, is to administrate society in a way that ensures that the privileges of the ruling class are upheld. In order to accomplish this, the State must centralize and monopolize power through a complex network of political, legislative, judiciary, military and financial institutions. This system results in all power being removed from ordinary people, and leads to a society based on hierarchy. By placing itself outside and yet in control of society, the State negates the social and political potential of society and transforms all logical social functions into bureaucratic State functions.


Of all oppression in the world, the most entrenched is that of patriarchy, the domination of men over women. This domination expresses itself everywhere--in both private and public realms. Although it is perpetuated by capitalism and the State, patriarchy existed prior to them and without confrontation will exist beyond their abolition. Anarchist feminism is a theory and practice by which we critique and attack the triple reign of patriarchy, capitalism, and the State, through the realization that this sexual, economic and political subjugation has at it's heart the common principle of authority. Only by uniting both the revolutionary class perspective of anarchism and the feminist critique of patriarchy can anarchism and feminism reach their common goal of human liberation. "There will be no revolution without women's liberation. There will be no women's liberation without revolution."


Exploitation and oppression are also expressed through social inequalities and hierarchies based on race and ethnic origin. Like patriarchy, this form of social oppression is used to divide and weaken the working class and must be opposed at every level. Throughout the history of North America class stratification has been defined, in large part, by race. Although racism is perpetuated by capitalism and class society, it will not necessarily end with the abolition of the capitalist social structure. We work to combat racism in all its forms and support those from our class who organize autonomously within the revolutionary movement around specific forms of social liberation.

Queer Liberation

Capitalist patriarchy uses a specific set of gender roles in order to reproduce itself. These expectations breed homophobia and lead to an environment that limits an individuals personal sexual development. We strive for an environment free from oppressive socialization that traps us into a specific sexual identity and lifestyle.


Capitalism also threatens the planet with ecological destruction. This only serves to benefit the wealthy elite, while the rest of us must endure the negative consequences. The society we envision is inherently linked to the natural world, where our needs and desires must be realized through ecological sustainability.


Capitalism further endangers the world and humanity through imperialism and its manifestation: war. Imperialism expresses itself in two different manners: one uses brute force through direct state military intervention, while the other uses economic coercion through transnational financial institutions. As anarcho-communists, we are opposed to both forms of imperialism.

National Liberation

We do not support the ideology of national liberation movements, which claims that there are common interests held between the working class and the native ruling class in the face of foreign domination. Although we support working class struggles against political and economic imperialism, racism, genocide and colonization, we are opposed to the creation of a new ruling class. We believe that the defeat of imperialism will only come about through a social revolution waged against both the imperialists and the local ruling class. This social revolution will have to spread across national borders. We further reject all forms of nationalism as this only serves
to redefine divisions in the international working class. The working class has no country, and national boundaries will be eliminated. We must encourage and develop international solidarity which will one day lay the basis for a global social revolution.

Workers Self-Organization

Workers self-organization is essential to social revolution. It originates from the actions and interests of workers, not laws and regulations. The basis of workers organization is direct democracy: in opposition to hierarchy, workers must directly and equally participate in any decision that affects them; direct action: not an appeal to power, but the seizure of power by workers through strikes, slowdowns, sabotage and expropriation; and solidarity: the mutual aid of workers in struggle, to the highest degree possible. In the creation and transformation of these workers organizations we encourage and support maximum tactical flexibility.

Social Revolution

We recognize that any deeply entrenched system based on power and privilege will not allow itself to be peacefully abolished. True liberation can only be attained by social revolution. For us, the concept of a social revolution is not an abstract metaphor, but, rather a very real social war against every form of oppression. While we don't fetishize violence or armed struggle, we understand it will require revolutionary force on the part of the working class to bring about social emancipation. Such a revolutionary situation can only emerge from social movements and the autonomous activity of the working class. We advocate radicalization of every struggle. By means of this radicalization and of our involvement in the various resistance movements in which we participate, we encourage the development of an autonomous class consciousness, the only safeguard against political recuperation. We defend, everywhere and always, the autonomous organization and revolutionary self-activity of the working class.

Anarchist Organization

We believe that, if only to wage the battle of ideas, anarchist organizations are necessary. We reject the vision which reduces the idea of revolution to the authoritarian seizure of power by a centralized party believing to be acting in the name of the masses. We know that this vision has led to bloody dictatorships and has nothing to do with socialism. The anarchist organization is neither a party, nor a self-proclaimed vanguard, but an active minority in the working class. It is a rallying point taking part in the theoretical and practical fight against all authoritarian ideology.


We are internationalists based in the northeastern region of North America, and recognize that a social revolution must be global if it is to succeed. We develop and maintain international relationships, solidarity, and discussions to build a united revolutionary anarchist movement.